Wake Forest prepares to launch Workday

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

After a thorough assessment process that included your input, the University selected Workday to replace Banner as our financial, human capital management, budget and planning software. This will be a key year for Wake, as we collectively work toward implementation of this solution that will significantly enhance the service level provided to the Wake Forest community and replace a range of expensive-to-maintain and difficult-to-use standalone systems. Workday is scheduled to launch by mid-2018, led by Executive Vice President Hof Milam, along with the dedicated efforts of a project team representing multiple academic and administrative campus areas.

Significant work has taken place already. We are currently in the “architect” phase of the project, in which we have begun to upload and review Wake Forest data within Workday. Next steps will include several more uploads, development of end-user reports, and testing the system. Importantly, we will continue to deliver “in-time” training to all users.

In the coming months, additional information will be communicated and resources will be made available to you in community forums and online. You are invited to share your ideas or submit questions to workday@nullwfu.edu. Thank you for your collaboration as we upgrade our administrative technology to better support you.


Nathan O. Hatch, President

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