Workday is designed to meet the unique needs of higher education institutions. This new software solution will help modernize technology at Wake Forest, while automating and streamlining departmental processes. Users will have a comprehensive view of organizational data, with the flexibility to update personal information in real-time. Features include:


One system. Simplified. Workday unifies Finance, Human Resources, budget and planning into a seamless system that makes it more efficient to complete everyday processes. It promotes operational excellence by replacing forms on the Financial Services and Human Resources websites, piles of paper, and multiple separate systems. The interface is designed to be user-friendly, offering:

  • A customizable home screen with shortcuts to the functions you use the most.
  • Intuitive navigation inspired by the ease of popular social media applications.
  • A search bar that helps you quickly find people and processes.
  • Content in the language of your choice.
  • Notifications that inform you when action is needed.


Anywhere. Any device. Whether you are teaching in Tribble Hall or researching in Tanzania, you can access important information at your fingertips. Workday automatically adapts to any device or platform, enabling you to use a smartphone or tablet for processes that were previously limited to a desktop computer. Additionally, the system is continuously upgraded to ensure it will respond to the technology of the future. You will be able to do the following and much more while on the go:

  • Enroll for benefits and view elections.
  • Update personal information.
  • Recruit faculty and staff.
  • Submit P-Card statements.
  • Request time off.


Big data is king. Today’s organizations are reimagining the ways they use metrics to gather insights, develop solutions, and communicate results. The importance of this discipline is on display in a new degree program that teaches Wake Forest graduate students how to apply analytics across Human Resources, Finance, and Operations. Workday will help us implement the best practices we teach in ways that have never been possible with our legacy systems. Over time, you will be able to view the following on-demand:

  • Total Rewards statements, showing the University’s investment in your salary and benefits.
  • Real-time financial reporting, highlighting trends.
  • Predictive analytics, based on internal and external comparisons.
  • Interactive dashboards that can be filtered by departments, roles, and work locations.
  • Progress toward organizational goals.


Saving while innovating. Workday raises our capabilities while reducing our costs. It is projected that the new system will result in $1 million savings over the next five years. This will enable the University to invest in other technology priorities related to Teaching and Research Excellence, Operational Excellence and Student Success, Infrastructure and Support for Innovation, and Organizational Capabilities. Factors leading to the project’s financial success include:

  • Significantly lower maintenance expenses than current systems.
  • One vendor contract, instead of multiple ad hoc expenses.
  • A lower total cost, as compared to competitors evaluated.
  • Rigorous safeguards to prevent costly data breaches.
  • Rapid innovation, positioning the product for future growth.


  • Brown University
  • Cornell University
  • Georgetown University
  • Yale University

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In November 2016, over 80 Wake Forest faculty and staff participated in a number of sessions demonstrating the existing and planned capabilities of the Workday Student application. Provost Kersh is forming a working group to explore the future capabilities we need or require as a university in a student information system.