Volume 7

Dear Colleagues,

We are just five months away from the launch of Workday. I am pleased to report that we are on schedule, having now begun the critical testing of system functionality. Our team is also busy developing training programs that will be offered to the campus community later this spring.

Thank you, the many of you, for the hard work and attention you are giving to this project to ensure its success.


2018 is well underway, and we can officially look forward to Workday being available later this year. Mark your calendar for a campus-wide celebration that will coincide with the July 2 launch, and look for details as this exciting event approaches. Additionally, you will continue to have opportunities to try the system at Pop-Up Labs, including booths at the following events:

  • Campus Connections (March 1)
  • TechXploration (March 21)
  • Benefits Fair (April 3)

These sessions will follow the format of the 12 labs held during the past six months, across multiple schools and departments.


The University has completed the Planning, Architect, and Configure and Prototype phases, and the Testing phase is underway. This is a comprehensive “end-to-end” review that builds on last year’s unit testing of 3,600 cases. Members of the Human Resources and Financial Services departments have been progressing through various scenarios to ensure each business process is configured correctly. Campus representatives will join the testing this month, continuing to offer valuable perspectives as we move closer to implementation.


A dedicated Training team is designing opportunities for faculty and staff to learn detailed information about using Workday. At the end of last year, this team identified campus training needs and developed a plan and curriculum to satisfy these requirements. Education will be offered in the following formats to meet different learning preferences:

  • Instructor-led (May 14 – September 29): Colleagues may attend in-person classes through the Professional Development Center, with sessions held on multiple dates and times. Course offerings will be organized into “Essentials,” “Human Capital Management,” and “Finance” categories.
  • On-demand (available May 7): Users will be able to view step-by-step job aids and videos if questions arise while navigating the system. Additionally, this format will be beneficial for faculty and staff traveling around the Workday launch, as it may be more convenient than the classroom setting.

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