Volume 5

Dear Colleagues,
As we continue to configure Workday, I look forward to the ease of navigation it will offer our campus community. Worklets will make information readily accessible, an Inbox will organize outstanding tasks, and a Related Actions symbol will add convenience. Detailed learning materials will outline these features, and the following provides an overview.


The Workday home page will contain a series of icons, which you can use to view information and complete processes. Clicking these “Worklets” will open web pages for accessing the directory, updating personal information, requesting time off, enrolling for benefits, and more. You can add Worklets and arrange their order, based on the ones you use the most. Additionally, you may type into the search bar to find colleagues, organizations, and locations, or to initiate tasks and run reports. View the Getting Started tutorial on the Videos web page to learn more.


Central to the Workday interface, an Inbox shows the items that need your attention. This may include pending requests and items that have been routed to you as part of a business process. A number will appear in a circle, indicating how many tasks are assigned. You can access the Inbox from any screen within the system by clicking your profile icon in the top right corner. Below the Inbox, there will be an option to view “Notifications,” or items that are sent for your information without requiring action. An Inbox video is available, with an emphasis on how managers will use this functionality.


Some claim it looks like a brick, while others call it the “Twinkie.” No matter what you say it resembles, the “Related Actions” symbol will save you time as you interact with Workday. Clicking this icon will display a menu of actions available to you. If you are requesting time off, you could conveniently navigate to see your balance. If you are looking up a colleague’s contact information, you could click to display their department’s organizational chart. A glossary of terms used across the system, such as “Related Actions,” “Worklets,” and “Inbox,” is available on the Workday website.