Volume 2

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to report that we are on track for implementation and are exceeding Workday’s standards of success. As we configure the system, we continue to engage campus groups and demonstrate this new technology. Additionally, Campus Change Partners are communicating updates to their schools and departments as they collaborate with members of the project team.


Wake Forest has completed the “Planning” and “Architect” phases, in which we explored more than 2,000 reports, identified more than 100 integrations, and mapped data from our legacy systems to Workday. At this early point in the timeline, we outperformed project expectations by loading actual financial data instead of sample figures. We have moved to the “Configure and Prototype” phase and are advancing beyond importing data, as we migrate organizational processes to the new system.  Additionally, we have built the first of this phase’s two prototypes, and the second one is already underway. “P2” and “P3,” as they are commonly called, will enhance the way we demonstrate Workday to the campus community.


Groups across campus continue to meet to receive progress updates and provide input during the “Configure and Prototype” phase. Representatives from the College and the Graduate and Professional Schools gathered last month to review the Workday features that will support faculty in areas such as academic appointments, tenure, contracts, and pay. Recent presentations also have been held for the College Department Chairs, Staff Advisory Council, Information Technology Executive Committee, Information Technology Partners’ Council, Business Administrators Forum, and TechXploration attendees. An archive of past presentations is available on the Learning section of the Workday website.

At the onset of the Workday project, Wake Forest formed a Campus Change Partners Network with representatives from across the University. This group gathers monthly for pertinent updates to share with their departments. Additionally, as they receive questions and ideas from their colleagues, the representatives are instrumental in communicating feedback to the project team. A list of the Campus Change Partners, and the areas they represent, is available on the Workday website; view this list by expanding the “Campus Change Partners” dropdown on the Project Leadership web page. Take a moment to identify the individual from your area, and engage them often throughout the implementation process.