Volume 1

Dear Colleagues,
As the University prepares to implement the Workday financial, human capital management, budget and planning software, this monthly newsletter will provide pertinent updates. Along with the Workday website, described below, these communications offer a formal process for submitting feedback. I appreciate your input as we progress toward the July 2018 implementation, and look forward to seeing you at campus events where you can experience the system firsthand.



A new website provides information about how Workday will revolutionize the ways faculty and staff access directories, record time and attendance, enroll for benefits, submit expenses, and much more. Features include:

  • Project timeline, identifying milestones along the path to implementation.
  • News articles, communicating project highlights.
  • Links to events, with slide decks archived from past presentations.
  • On-demand and instructor-led learning opportunities, added throughout the project timeline.
  • Case studies about other institutions who have successfully implemented Workday.

The Steering Committee has announced that Wake Forest will launch Workday in July 2018. The launch date was confirmed after valuable due diligence and input from dedicated team members collaborating on the Workday project. This was an important decision that considered multiple factors including providing the time necessary to thoughtfully implement the functionality and to prepare the campus community to fully utilize the technology that will transform many administrative processes.

Tuesday, April 18, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. | Benson University Center, 401

Workday will be featured at TechXploration, an annual event demonstrating technologies being leveraged across Wake Forest. Visit the booth to:

  • Take an initial look at the system.
  • Share your ideas with the project team.
  • Enter to win Workday-themed prizes, including a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, and a laptop bag.