Engagement Sessions

Wake Forest University is holding Engagement Sessions to demonstrate key processes that have been configured. The following topics were covered in June and may be featured, with additional items, in upcoming meetings:

engagement sessions
  • Human Resources
    • Core Human Resources: Organizational chart, Worker Profile overview, Inbox, requesting Personal Information changes, proxies
    • Recruiting: Creating full-time staff positions and job requisitions, posting jobs
    • Compensation: Requesting and viewing annual salary changes
    • Academic: Viewing organizational structures of academic units, adding and viewing faculty appointments
    • Benefits: Enrolling for benefits, attaching documentation, adding dependents, viewing enrolled benefits
    • Absence: Requesting and approving time off, viewing the time off calendar for individuals and teams
  • Finance
    • Financial Accounting: Creating journals
    • Banking: Ad hoc bank transactions
    • Budget: Reports and amendments
    • Customer Accounts: Creating customer invoices, receiving and applying payments, cash sales
    • Grants: Creating awards with budget, invoices to agencies
    • Endowments: Creating spendable gifts, adding gifts to investment pool
    • Procurement and Accounts Payable: Creating requisitions through sourcing, issuing purchase orders, supplier invoices against purchase orders
    • Expenses: Creating expense reports
    • Projects and Assets: Registering assets from invoices, capitalizing from Construction In Progress (CIP)
  • Payroll
    • Pay Groups: Viewing classifications that were unavailable in the legacy system
    • Holiday Schedules: Integration with Wake Forest University, Reynolda House, and Graylyn holiday schedules
    • Pay Statements: Viewing statements with year-to-date information
    • Bank Accounts: Setting up accounts for direct deposit
    • Mobile Capabilities: Requesting time off from a mobile device